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  1. June 7, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Dear Mo & Souz,
    I wanna to thank u for this wonderful web-site / forum. And the amazing support this web-site has provided me.I just want to say that this site, IMO, has been giving me hope. And have helped me to pull thru the difficult time of dealing MJ ‘death’ and giving me a wonderful supports. I love MJ & I have come to this conclusion, however painful it is & I will always miss him terribly, I have to let him to be happy. If he’s alive, it will be a great blessings and am grateful. If he’s really dead, he’s still always in my heart. No matter how the world judges the believers or this forum of being as believer of him being alive, I want to overlook this dispute. I choose to love; non-believers and believers. I wanna to thank u the efforts, time, hardworks & dedications of u pple who set this forum up. I admire ur courage & dedications. Coz whenever I am feeling hopeless, I will come to here and it gives me hope. This is how I relate to u & ur forum. I also appreciate for all the investigation details that u all have shared with us. I guess we all miss MJ & hope he is alive and that he’s in the hiding with a reason and he will be back. This is the hope that we all wish to hang on to. Last but not least, please do not lose this spirit,fail or success of this finding. Keep Hoping. Enjoy the journey. And I am proud and glad to say that this forum has reached the ultimate goals of giving us hope for MJ fans and supports and also helping us to enjoy the journey from here. There’s nothing for me to comment after seeing so much hardwork and the best tht u all have done for MJ & MJ Fans. Wish U All The Best! Will visit here once a while though. It’s Out Of L.O.V.E. PEACE:)

  2. July 11, 2010 at 2:07 pm

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