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Michael Jackson’s This Is It ~ Documentary or Mockumentary?

So we finally have made our analyse of the This Is It movie, or as we like to call it: mockumentary.

Before we proceed we’d like to say that there is nothing wrong with the movie itself. Kenny did a great job editing, no comment on that. The clips shot at Culver look awesome, I hope we will see them fully one time. Dancers, background vocals and musicians: great! Michael’s voice sounds fantastic, even though he is not giving 100%.
No, it’s the MJ’s in action we would like to review and the lack of normal footage of him in close-up without sunglasses. We will not analyze faces, because that is impossible. Face shots are snippets, he’s wearing sunglasses, the footage is too dark or it’s not close enough to see clearly. It’s the movements we will analyze. Also you all must have heard that there are different versions, we just watched one of them, otherwise it would be a mess.

For those who haven’t got it yet, you can watch it here:
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First we have the dancers, what a drama and overacting. Particularly Shannon Holzapffel. We looked at eachother in the cinema and had to stop ourselves from laughing our asses off.
Then we hear Kenny say some things, the Lightman part and some special effects, before we start with the first song:

Wanna be startin’ somethyin’

Our keyplayers:
– Red-pants
– Suit-guy

First weird thing here is that the audio is unedited, while the video is and that’s not only here, but in almost the whole film. So we can say for a fact that at least 1 of the MJ’s could be lipsyncing, maybe even both. The audio sounds new, but also a live recording can be lipsynced, you just have to rehearse it.
Then we have Red-pants. Who the hell is that? We both agree that this is not Michael Jackson. His movements are way off. It looks like he is not in control of his arms and legs and the dancing is far from what we are used to from MJ.
Suit-guy is a different story. His movements look way more familia. We are not 100% on it at all, because we do not see his face clearly, we do not hear him talk while looking in the camera, so he could also be a double that can move, but based on the movements, he could be Michael Jackson.

The auditions of the dancers

Well, we only see a snippet of MJ, but in our opinion, it’s not him. The eyes are small and he lookes almost Asian.


Our keyplayers:
– Red-pants
– Suit-guy

Actually exactly the same as with Wanna be startin’ somethyin’. Red-pants no way, Suit-guy could be him.


Our keyplayers:
– Red-pants
– Suit-guy
– Gold-pants
– Cool moof (black O2 shirt)

Chomp chomp, defa cool moof…. Oh my, here we almost pissed our pants and got banned from the cinema. WHO THE HELL IS THAT?? Well, at least it was funny. His movements are sharp though, maybe he had a dentist appointment just before that rehearsal…
The other ones? The footage is too short to comment on, so we won’t.

They don’t care about us

Our keyplayer:
– Suit-guy

Is this MJ? Hmmmm, we are again not sure. It also seems we see 2 different persons in the same outfit. The special effects with the army is great though.
The audio is not a live recording. We compared it with the They don’t care about us/History footage of the History tour and it’s exactly the same. So this is a lipsync for sure.
Another thing that is odd is that we watched two different clips of this: the one released short after June 25 by AEG and the clip from the movie, and there is a part with the guitarist that was shot from a different angle. That would be impossible, since the cameraguy claimed in an interview that everything was recorded with just 1 camera.

Human Nature

Our keyplayers:
– Red-pants
– Suit-guy
– Gold-pants
– Penguin-guy

The penguin-guy in the jacket with the pointy shoulders is not Michael Jackson, no way. His shoulders are too small, his movements are feminine and not sharp at all. We don’t think you should be fooled by the ‘live’ audio, this can be easily recorded earlier by MJ himself and lipsynced.
Then we see Red-pants again with an even weirder penguin move, and also Suit-guy and Gold-pants. These last two look like they could be Michael Jackson, Red-pants and Penguin-guy are definately NOT Michael Jackson in our opinion.

Smooth Criminal

Our keyplayers:
– Cool moof
– Red-pants
– Gold-pants
– Smooth Criminal

The clip looks great and we both share the opinion that we see the real Michael Jackson in the clip shot at Culver. Red-pants is off again with the moves, we think we can even say the guy can’t dance, or he’s trying hard pretending and Cool moof just doesn’t look like Michael Jackson. Smooth Criminal has great moves and Gold-pants looks ok too, so maybe that could be him? Again not sure, just going by the movements.

The way you make me feel

Our keyplayers:
– Blackie
– Red-pants
– Blue blouse

Blackie knows all his songs and records accoring to the keyboardplayer….well that should be of use if you are MJ and have to perform them on 50 gigs…weird thing to say. We think the guy meant that this double did his homework, ’cause it ain’t Michael Jackson.
And then again Red-pants… That ‘guy’ is so off! He flies over the stage like a guy fairy. No way this is Michael Jackson, looks more like a woman to us.
Blue blouse is manly and has broad shoulders and the movements look familiar. This one is on our doubt-list.

Jackson 5 Medley

Our keyplayer:
– Blue blouse

It seems live, and Blue blouse is on our doubt-list, so this could be Michael Jackson. What we do think is weird, is that he looks insecure and not used to the in-ear. He has been on stage his whole life, did he never wear one? Movements familiar, so Blue blouse is still on the doubt-list.

Shake your body

Our keyplayers:
– The dancers

It is obvious that they are promoting new talent. The dancers are awesome and this clip shows it. I bet they will be booked like crazy.

I just can’t stop loving you

Our keyplayer:
– Penguin-guy

To us this was more like I just can’t stop laughing at you. No way that was Michael Jackson, we even dare to say: no way that’s a guy! He is not sexy AT ALL, and I think Judith’s face at the end says it all. How can people even think this is MJ? We almost pissed our pants again and the ‘true fans’ in the cinema really wanted to kill us at that point.


Our keyplayers:
– Red-shirt
– Ed Hardey-pants

New clip looks fantastic, but 3D at a concert? Wanna give them all 3D-glasses? And what about the people in the back?
Red-shirt doesn’t even dance, so no comment on him, except that we don’t think he’s Michael Jackson, Ed Hardey-pants has the moves and is absolutely on our doubt-list.

Beat It

Our keyplayers:
– Lift-guy
– Red-shirt
– Silver Jacket

Lift-guy could be MJ, we have no reason to expect he is not, so on our doubt-list. Red-shirt has the moves, but we are not sure about him. Why the glasses? Something to hide Red-shirt? At least the guy can dance. Silver Jacket is on our doubt-list, he could be MJ and this is absolutely not the same guy as Red-pants, who also wears that silver jacket. But again, not sure.

Black or White

Our keyplayers:
– 2 Jackets
– White blouse

2 Jackets seems to be singing live and gives us the MJ-vibe, so definately on the doubt-list! The guy in the white blouse? Not even near the doubt list.
Good to see that also the guitarists get their moment, great musicians, great performance.

Earth Song

Our keyplayer:
– Ed Hardey-pants

Michael’s way of making us all aware of our planet again, good clip, adorable girl. Ed Hardey-pants was already on our doubt-list, and absolutely holds this position.

Billie Jean

Our keyplayer:
– Blue O2-blouse

Well, he can move, but that is not Michael Jackson. A lot of movements are off and WTF is with the sunglasses. They are obviously bothering him, so why not just take them off? And Billie Jean without a moonwalk is no Billie Jean. Sorry man, nice try, but we don’t buy it.

Man in the Mirror

Our keyplayer:
– Blue O2-blouse

Blue O2-blouse couldn’t make our doubt-list with Billie Jean, and he doesn’t make it with this performance either. Does he have a stick in his butt? He bearly moves…

This Is It – Credits

In the credits of the movie, the song I Hadn’t Anyone Till You, written by Ray Noble and performed by Hedda Brooks, is mentioned. This is performed in the movie ‘In a lonely place’ that is also mentioned in the credits, and of which we see a snippet in the Smooth Criminal clip. We both don’t remember hearing this song in the film, but the lyrics are interesting:

I hadn’t anyone till you
I was a lonely one till you
I used to lie awake and wonder if there could be,
A someone in the wide world just made for me
Now I see I had to save my love for you
I never gave my love till you
And thru my lonely heart demanding it
Cupid took a hand in it
I hadn’t anyone till you.

The song This Is It is listed as “written and performed by Michael Jackson”. The song was released on October 12, and on the very same day TMZ reports:
“Paul Anka says the special administrators of Michael Jackson’s estate gave him a 50% cut of “This Is It” … after he said Michael “stole” the original recordings from his studio back in the 80s.”
Various media sourses mentioned the movie wasn’t even finished days before it went into premiere, so why wasn’t Paul Anka added to the credits of the This Is It song?

Why is The Michael Jackson Company mentioned? If you call them, the phone is answered by MJJ Kingdom.

Dead Reckoning, His Girl Friday, Suddenly, Last Summer, Tokyo John, and The Whole Town Is Talking are mentioned, all movies to our best knowledge, but we didn’t recognize them, or we simply didn’t see them.

After the credits

Our keyplayer:
– Penguin-guy

Final words:

Let’s just wait right there, and have a break there. Let me breath in my own time when/and I come back then. I’m gonna button my shirt, my jacket, I look around, play with them. Snap my fingers and BANG!

Let us say that that’s another confirmation that Michael Jackson is alive and kicking, and that he has a great sense of humor. 😉

So have we seen Michael himself in this mockumentary? We really don’t have a clue. Some are on the doubt-list, but we are absolutely not 100% sure. We think that they should rename the film, because in our honest opinion, because so few people notice that there are so many different MJ’s in this movie, a better title would have been:

This Is It, Michael Jackson’s Big Optical Illusion

  1. butterfly
    November 21, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Funny you named the movie a mockumentary. I thought the same thing and said on another blog I didn’t believe MJ was in much of the movie. I think only MJ was seen once, maybe twice at the most. I’ve been a fan for many years, but unlike a lot of fans, I am not caught up in emotions regarding him. MJ did In this movie, what he does best. Always keep em’ guessing.” ( that and of course great music) . Good viewpoint of the movie.

    • misha
      December 5, 2009 at 9:11 pm

      I agree with you butterfly! and im glad someone else see’s what i see because for a moment i thought i was the crazy one

    • sarah ramsey
      February 9, 2011 at 8:37 pm

      huh i knew it couldn’t be just me!

  2. Angelguard
    December 11, 2009 at 3:23 am

    Very complete and detailed analyze. I saw the movie twice.
    In the first time, the whole family went together to see it: my husband and I, my oldest son and wife, my youngest son and his fiancé, and my granddaughter who is 10. All of us were very emotional due to Michael’s “death” but, even with my brain “turned off” (lol), I notice “penguin guy” and “red pants” couldn’t be Michael. No way! So obvious!
    In the second time, to be honest, I got very confused and couldn’t recognize Michael in any one of them (lol). Now I’ll wait for the DVD.
    But the music was great, to hear Michael’s voice again was a kind of relief for my soul and, like magic, for almost a couple of hours, I forgot about his “death” and the sadness it has caused to us.
    I am so glad you also believe he is alive…it really comforts me.
    I pray everyday hoping he is alive and healthy. And if the song you mentioned (I hadn’t anyone till you….) means he has found his soul mate / true love, even better: he deserves all the happiness in the world.
    Keep doing the great job guys. I’ll be back to the site more times to see what’s new.

  3. December 14, 2009 at 7:29 am

    Your full of shit, actually nuts you know that, oh man. Watching a different movie i’ll say.

  4. HILDA
    December 15, 2009 at 3:14 am

    tantas paginas,que salen falsas o verdaderas?? no lo sabemos lo único que nos mantiente pendientes de Michael Jackson es el amor sincero hacia él,y todavía así debemos tener cuidado de no hostigarlo si realmente vive¡ pues no lo creo capaz de hacerle daño a sus hijos principlamente Blanket me preocupa,es un desajuste emocional tan pequeño,si nosotros como fans a veces parecemos obsesionados pues ahora todos éstos acontecimientos son tan díficiles para los niños,Michael ¡hurra por ti te lo mereces¡Dios bendiga a todos especialmente tu espíritu limpio como siempre fuera de toda mal pensamiento,besos my baby, I’M LOVE YOU MORE ,en la página de Cassandra no pasa todos los mensajes y lo debe de hacer pues las palabras de Amor llenan un espirítu,alimentan una alma y mantienen un corazón hay que saber percibir el verdadero Amor

  5. LOU
    December 16, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Your analysis is ridiculous. That was MJ.. to laugh at him when singing I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.. shame on you. You are comparing him to when he last performed.. that was a long time ago, he was no longer like that.

  6. teensy
    December 17, 2009 at 12:34 am

    Ilaria :Your full of shit, actually nuts you know that, oh man. Watching a different movie i’ll say.

    You don’t have to agree, but that was down-right rude.

    I agree that there were doubles in the movie. I have not seen the movie, but all the clips they’ve shown,pictures, and trailers. Even in those you notice that ‘Michael’ looks off. There are pictures where he looks off as well.

  7. supy
    December 20, 2009 at 3:41 am

    I think penguin guy is LaToya

  8. December 25, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    I dont go in for much of the death hoax thing, and i think there are alot of easy answers to alot of the questions you raise

    i think the i just cant stop loving you guy is the actual michael jackson, ithink if theres one in this movie thats him (he even does a charlie chaplin move crossing his hands and looking down as the backup singer sings to him)

    i think the ‘red pants’ MJ is also real, the reason he appears to be incompentant is because it was probably early rehearsal footage – and the man hadn’t been on stage for nearly two decades – he may feel comfortable on stage and have been there since he was a kid, but two decades is a long time; even a year is a long time for performers

    i will agree with the statement about the start with the dancers, it was a bit ridiculous, clearly they’d knew he died, the fact the movie was trying to portray that it was a couple weeks before it is ridiculous no one cries and chokes up over a position on this is it, you’d be elated

    so i think they’re real, but i dont understand why they’re passing it off as weeks before the death when it was probably a couple hours after (which is sick)

    I’m enjoying reading the website,i think alot of the stuff is created to have something and other stuff doesnt lead anywhere, you seem to grasp something and then leave it withtout explanation

    one thing i did find inriguing was the Dave Dave comment, did look quite like him (although you’re ‘evidence’ for it is stupid – superimposing his face on MJs it could be any size, theres no scientic way to measure that, and i’d say thats what lets down alot of the arguments raised here, the theories are decent but poor evidence that appears to be grasping at straws does let it down

    i was thinking about he dave dave thing, it would be brave of MJ to do that (go on TV – couldve been caught out) but i was watching another video on youtube of MJ turning into the major in Ghosts and it looked like the same prosthetics so it couldve been him BUT the thing is, the team in the Ghosts video was huge and IF this is a hoax there appears to be one thing missing from the website: WHY?

    why go to all the trouble, why hasnt it been ‘found out’ in this age of information and soulless selling out – why has no one in the team of what must be hundreds (if not thousands) of the whole hoax not said anyhitng, like the dancers or whomever, it would take a lot of money or alot of trust on his part to continue this

    so i think those are a couple problems with the site, otherwise its great work and i’ll continue to read


  9. brickangel
    December 29, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    if you read the names of the main executors of the 2002 last will and testament, they match with the producers of the movie. The main arranger’s name is will.i.am. I was launched by sony and AEG, and Randy Phillips, another one of the coproducers, was related to Tohme Tohme, who actually set up the 50 concert contract. He is a businessman introduced to Michael by his brother Jermaine and did a lot of deals at the end. He was married and divorced to Randy Phillips’s sister. All mixed up with italian mafia that ends up with Tommy Mottola actually recalling that Sony still owns everything. And yes, there is a Sony Movie Production nice building down Wilshire street,jewish section, Culver Cita, CA, right smack next to Beverly Hills. so, I wonder…how much money has this production made? and how much more to come?

  10. January 8, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    I saw the movie already 3 times. Now I’m watching once more, reading this article and comparing. Strange for me was (beside this that there was no moonwalk – hahaha, no moonwalk in M.J`s movie? At all? No way) that the “Michael” – he or they 🙂 didn’t make a very famous move of M.J. He has a special “kick”. First he is spinning, and after throwing one leg. You can see it here:

    watch 0:43-0:48 sec

    or here|:
    around 1:23-1:30

    So now way it was him in the movie all the time.
    And this funny guy in O2 arena in March – buahahaha

    And where are his special tones while singing? Those crying like? Hmmm….

  11. January 8, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    One more thing. I was thinking – this suppose to be the biggest come backe ever. The King Of Pop after 10 years comes back to the stage. They are making HQ movie about the whole “making of…”. And no interviev with M.J.? I don’t buy it.

  12. Sara
    January 8, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    This is really interesting because when I saw red pants guy I immediately thought “that isn’t Michael” and I’m more convinced now, a few months later. Some of the others you mention as doubtful were also ones that I looked sideways at when watching the movie (I saw it three times at the cinema). I agree with the ones that you say are probably Michael too. I guess the indicator for me was that my mind wandered when watching the fakes but I was rivoted when the real MJ was on screen. I couldn’t help but notice my subconscious reaction to what I was watching. Regarding the headset, a backup dancer recently said that Michael never wore a headset prior to TII (and didn’t have reason to as his voice has always been spot on) but Randy Phillips demanded and Kenny enforced that they be worn. The backup dancer also said that what we saw in the movie was a cumulation of about three days. Michael was rarely at rehearsals. He said they are still under contract by AEG are instructed to say nothing but great things about TII but there was a lot of conflict between Randy and Michael.

  13. NO ONE
    January 12, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    i love the way you called the “Person” with shoulder pads ‘penguin guy’!!
    i love the bit in TII where he’s givin out 2 dat pianist and he says “little more booty!” Dats funnys!

  14. angelusone
    January 15, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Are you on drugs or something? I’m a fan for more than 25 years, I know all his faces by heart… I know his moves, how are his fingers, the shape of his nose etc…
    For sure that was not Dangerous or Bad MJ, but that was him !!!! by the way the guy with red pants singing Speechless (that you forgot in your analysis btw) is not MJ then?
    You know what? WAKE UP !!!

  15. BrickAngel
    January 19, 2010 at 8:51 am

    I think we need to realize the real message behind all of this. It’s a wake up call and btw that was the real Mr. Jackson giving it all. Maybe taken at different times but it was him. We must be alert to the message to love the world,not a simple thing as finding a body and a motive, but the motive behind it all. Love and yes…beware of the lack of truth

  16. AncaMariaMJ
    January 19, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    OK not sure who is who.. but let me give you a clue that I noticed, the guy(s) you call Suit guy , Smooth criminal, Blue blouse, Red-shirt, Lift-guy, Silver jacket, 2 jackets have something in common, it’s that red shirt with a golden design of a lion and an M on it.. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed, it’s all over the movie.. He changes the jacket, he puts a blue blouse, a white one but still he keeps that red shirt. Who would wear the same shirt for days.. especially Michael who has an incredible wardrobe.. It’s a clue that a big part of the movie is shot in one day.. I’m open minded about having a double but maybe, just maybe the reason red-pants, gold-pants, cool moof, penguin-guy (lol) and blue O2-blouse dance or sing poorly is because of the medication, or just tired. If Michael reads this he’s probably gonna laugh so much.. I know I did.. Penguin-guy.. 🙂 And let’s just say “penguin-guy” was really Michael, who are you to judge him for his clothing.. or say he wasn’t a man or Not sexy at all.. Can I point another clue? The order of the songs.. T-he way you make me feel, I-want you back, S-top! the love you save, I-‘ll be there, S-hake your body, I-just can’t stop loving you, T-hriller… Maybe that H is missing for a good reason..

  17. January 19, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Hmmm…. H for a HOAX? LOL

  18. AncaMariaMJ
    January 20, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Touche.. I haven’t thought about that word, hoax.. I was wondering maybe it’s the initial of the country he’s hiding 🙂

  19. Stephanie
    February 11, 2010 at 4:43 am


    Our keyplayers:
    – Red-pants
    – Suit-guy
    – Gold-pants
    – Cool moof (black O2 shirt)

    Chomp chomp, defa cool moof…. Oh my, here we almost pissed our pants and got banned from the cinema. WHO THE HELL IS THAT?? Well, at least it was funny. His movements are sharp though, maybe he had a dentist appointment just before that rehearsal…
    The other ones? The footage is too short to comment on, so we won’t.


  20. Mai
    February 13, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    About the Jackson medley part where MJ (real or not) complains about the earpiece, which he didnt actually complained directly…mentioning about feeling like theres a fist pushed inside his ears…. IMO, its like saying “somebody’s dictating or controlling him” I may be wrong but I just interpreted it that way…althought his suggested solution may come to be a little bit off, to tone down the music a little bit..I dont know if it can be connected to the Iluminati or Mind Control Theory.

  21. altairm
    April 17, 2010 at 1:41 am

    ANCA – Very nice. If it is a “hoax”, it was VERY clever of them to throw in a little hidden message for his fans through the order of songs. The whole thing is just strange to me and I can’t stop trying to investigate. I know Michael face has changed throughout the years, but the guy in the movie just did not look like him – in my opinion. I even questioned the guy at the press conference. I mean MJ has hired doubles before so I keep that possibility in the back of my mind. It’s gotten to the point now I have to look at these folks teeth (when they smile), ears, nose tip, the pattern in which they walk/communicate, and fingernails to see if its really him. It is true that this has went out with a bang, but at what cost? If he really is dead, it saddens me to no end. What bugs me the most is how fast everyone cashed/ing in on his death – and I bet these people who have their hands stuck out are the same ones who talked crap about him during the molestation accusations. You know… his children having no mother and now no father, and this long and stressful battle his family has to go through to see him justice. It’s not fair and it hurts me to see this and I’m not apart of it! I can’t imagine what everyone else is going through in trying to help Michael.

  22. Kaz
    May 15, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Who is the real “Dave, Dave” ?

  23. YJLB
    September 30, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    I wanna watch the movie again after reading this LOL

  24. kamilas
    January 31, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    They were all MJ. Just look at his nose – the imposters can be similiar to him, but the nose is always different. It’s surely strange, that he’s wearing sunglasses indoor, but he did it many years before while older rehearsals:

    And just think: why there would be an imposter? Michael sings with his real voice and then they replace him with imposter? This is just stupid. In all performances he comes closer to the camera and you can clearly see his face. All imposters can look similiar while they are far away, but when they come closer you can clearly see they’re fake. And in TII it was Michael for sure. You can see it at the photos, which are usually in HD. I’m sure this is Michael: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_whPdBdUkD8I/SsX8fkOGdRI/AAAAAAAAApQ/4rYix7EvJXM/s400/tape.jpg
    And there WAS moonwalk in the movie. First in Smooth Criminal, second in Billie Jean. Yea, for the first time in BJ he was just moving in one place, but few moments later he makes a short moonwalk. Remember, this is just a rehearsal. He was a funny guy and he liked to make some jokes or goof of a little. He laughed and smiled all the time. He gave full performances only in Beat it and Smooth Criminal, on the rest he was testing music and back dancers. Take a look at the rehearsals for Dangerous Tour, he almost doesn’t sing and he dances only a few moves, he concentrates on music and back dancers. In TII he gave much more from him, but it still was just a rehearsal, so he didn’t have to make all moves properly. People still can’t take that he was healthy and full of energy. Also, remember, that he was a lot older. When he was in red pants, he managed to make some robot moves. You can see it wasn’t fully succesful. He didn’t do it since a long time and he was trying to train his body again.
    Some material wasn’t shown, like Dangerous, or Will you be there – all we have is a few photos. I hope that they will release more material.

  25. Jessica
    May 23, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    rofl OMG Your descriptions made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt and eyes watered, especially when I went back to watching the “penguin guy” do the little hand thing when by his side. I am with you, I do not think the guy in red pants is Michael, BUT the suit guy IS Michael, The one thing that has always ALWAYS attracted me to him regardless to what he looks like is his eyes, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with eyes as deep and beautiful as his, of course the cheek bones too, when he smiles it’s electric. Now I do not know for certain about the other different dressed performances, and believe me to say different dressed permanence was hard, since i have ALWAYS refereed to them as the “other guys” and not because I think by seeing that look different but it’s been a natural ‘mistake’ I can’t help but say “other guys” they have different body structures, the one in the red pants is actually shorter and thinner and has smaller hands, However, In some clips he has the same nose as Michael so maybe it’s the same clothes that Michael wears or the same color etc. The guy with blue top and black jeans also Michael. At first it is a shock to see him going a little slower than use to but once you get use to it, you can see it’s him. BUT no matter how many times I watch red pants and pointy shoulder guy I just can’t see Michael in them, of it is him, he has multiple personalities depending on the day. The pointy shoulder person just all in all reminds me of my female cousin, and the gestures he makes, the expressions it’s all different to the suit guy and the suit guy is the only one I can use as a base since he has Michael face one 100%, I am very certain it’s him because 1. He has his eyes and cheek bones/smile, 2. Has all his moves just was slower considering 10 years break that’s explainable 3. He was the only one that did a full song without switch, and he was more dominant through out. 4. he was the only one without glasses, they did no other shots of the others without glasses on in any clips, Blue shit and Suit is the same guy. I am 100% certain. Eyes never lie. Also Michael has always looked yum when performing 😛 I am still not sure those shots of him that aren’t flattering was ever him, because between live sightings and the photos, his nose keeps going aback and fourth to looking a mess and then looking fine again. I think we will never know the true face of him. I enjoyed this is it though, I love all the songs, I LOVE “I’ll be there” the best though, definatiey nice hearing a much more normalized voice and come on the man was 50, high notes and pelvis thrusts would be getting rather uncomfortable by then. I actually enjoyed the lack of the grabbing the lower part every 10 seconds, Oh and 5. The suit guy has beat, Michael loved movements going in beat , and many times suit guy did what Michael would have done.

  26. Jessica
    May 23, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Oh and sorry 6. With suit guy, everyone off the stage stood to watch his rehearsals AND in the way you make me feel at the end, listen to the guy off stage, it’s like his groveling “I agree michael” and michael seemed a little annoyed to be iterrupted while he was talking to the singers, why would the guy be trying to please a double of michael? Nah blueshirt/suit guy was the real deal and the dances appeared to enjoy watching him from off stage and cheered him :p

  27. Kevin
    May 23, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    All of them is Mj. I spent hours with my mates screen shotting all of them and checking the faces if u use quicktime you can press left and right arrows and do it frame by frame. maybe for slow songs he was different. maybe they were his favourite songs or maybe the spikey shoulder pads makes him look female and different but i assure u all of them was MJ. they would have just not put it in the movie if it was not him. If u believe its not him Y did u say that its confirmation that he is returning? did ur memory disappear to who u said was not Mj? Mjs last words was when he wore the spikey shoulder pad jacket. nuff sed,.All the impersonators i have seen dont look like him

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